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myHealth is the 12-Week outcome based, multidisciplinary approach helping thousands of people regain control of their health and live their best life




Six (6)



No known chronic conditions, looking to improve general health, fitness and lifestyle

Type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, impaired glucose tolerance, insulin resistance 

BMI > 30, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, pre and post bariatric surgery

Any type of cancer at any stage of cancer treatment 

Cardiovascular disease, COPD, cystic fibrosis, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, hypercholesterolemia, obesity

Osteoporosis, osteopenia, sarcopenia, frailty, high risk falls, arthritis, Parkinson's disease, mild cognitive impairment, dementia

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Laura Young, Wollongong NSW

"Working with the Health Solutions team through myHealth is a completely different experience. My whole experience was up lifting, positive and supportive. I feel less pain and so much stronger. Can't thank you enough for improving the quality of my life."

Tony Scott, Toowoomba QLD

"myHealth has been a massive support to my weight loss journey after a minor operation to get me back on my feet. I cannot recommend it highly enough, it has given me the stamina and confidence to push myself to loosing over 30kgs! I would encourage anyone looking for assistance who has any medical conditions to call and make an appointment. It will change your life as well. "

Maree Croft, Menangle NSW

"I have always considered myself to be fit and healthy. I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in 2015 and know this program got me through my treatment (horrible fatigue) and back to good health. It was challenging to see how I could participate when I felt so ill, but the support and encouragement was unbelievable. I am fit, strong, vibrant, beautiful and proud that I will see my baby boys grow."  

Mohammed Al Nour, Scarborough WA

"Every visit to the doctor ended in a conversation for me lose weight, eat better, exercise more... you know the talk. I tried half a dozen things including a personal trainer and a few different diets but I could never really get on top of my diabetes. myHealth gave me exactly what I needed, specific strategies that helped me lose weight, improve my health and accountability from my coaches to help me see it through."

Nikki Fleming, Docklands VIC

"I have just finished the online myHealth program and I feel great. The last 12 weeks have really been about me. Time for me to practice good health habits in a fun and engaging way. The platform was easy to use, recipes were yummy, lessons very comprehensive and exercise programs challenging (loved the TRX workouts). All in all... so much fun!"

Sarah Clarke, Flinders Park SA

"myHealth provided me with something simple and engaging that I could practice and complete from home. I've never been one for the gym but needed to start something to build strength after my doctor said I had osteopenia. The exercise program was perfect and progressed with me when I was ready. My nutrition was already quite good but I learnt so many creative ways to improve it throughout the program."

Jonothan Marks, Manly NSW

"I started myHealth as part of our workplace health initiative. Employee health programs run every year at work but this is by far the best program we have ever introduced for our team. The program meets you where you are at and coaches you through a very clever, easy to understand and fun process. The feedback from our staff has been phenomenal."

Jenny Burke, Campbelltown NSW

"I'm a busy mum with a busy lifestyle. Three kids under 15, husband, work, football practice, tennis lessons, music lessons, homework, laundry, cooking, etc. etc. This program, the coaching, the recipes, the workouts, the stuff on sleep... It all just works!"

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